Our Research

Ravensview Capital conducts independent analysis and research. Some of this work is compiled in whitepapers called Investor Notes.

We are constantly scanning news and others’ research in order to understand geopolitical events and developing trends. Periodic summaries of this effort is published as a newsletter and market opinion called The Raven’s View.


Whitepapers: Investor Notes

Taming Black Swan Risk in Your Portfolio

Date Published: 10/9/17

By: Joe Eberhardt

Coversheet Only: IN coversheet Taming Black Swan Risk in Your Portfolio

Full Whitepaper: IN Taming Black Swan Risk in Your Portfolio

Market Opinion: The Raven’s View

Watching Chaotic Tariffs and Choppy Commodity Prices

Date Published: 8/20/18

The Ravens View 082018

Watching a Well Reasoned Migration to U.S. Treasuries

Date Published: 4/28/18

The Ravens View 042818

Watching an Unsustainable Pattern, Inflation is Coming

Date Published: 1/11/18

The Ravens View 011118

Watching High Beta Industries and Declining Loans for Growth

Date Published: 10/21/17

The Ravens View 102117

Watching Interest Rates, Inventories and Factory Layoffs

Date Published: 7/28/17

The Ravens View 072817