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Ravensview Capital was formed in 2016 to provide financial planning and craft comprehensive client portfolios that intimately use advanced investment techniques to be more effective and efficient.

Past and Pedigree

Non-traditional (or alternative) investments are generally a not well understood category of investing. Part asset allocation and part active management, Alternative Investments have the potential to boost a client’s portfolio return and reduce its volatility.

Joe Eberhardt has extensive commodities experience in renewable energy, power, oil, natural gas, gold, and silver.

Alternative investment styles employed include primarily arbitrage: pairs trading and global macro, and event driven: special situations (distressed) securities.

Financial engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that ranges from application of statistics and option theory to complex optimization models. The use of these techniques in a client’s portfolio can be compared to fine tuning a race car engine or trimming a sail on a boat to make it more effective and efficient.

Joe Eberhardt has built from scratch mathematical portfolio optimizers using the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory as well as employed Monte Carlo simulators. These tools are used to find efficient allocations of assets in light of both historical past shocks as well as potential future market Black Swan events to craft stress tested superior portfolios.

Joe Eberhardt

Managing Member &

Investment Adviser Representative

Education and registration:

  • Series 65 investment adviser representative. Founder and managing member of Ravensview Capital Management, LLC.
  • Post-graduate work toward PhD in resource economics at Oregon State University.
  • Masters Degree in Economics and Geography (double major) Southern Illinois University.
  • Bachelors Degree in Finance (with a minor in economics). Southern Illinois University.

Striving to learn and do more, Joe Eberhardt has developed a diverse background that spans multiple fields of knowledge. Occupational sectors have included academia and the private sector with exposure to both regulated and unregulated industries and businesses. He has developed significant technical skills collected over a 25 year career including all aspects of trading, hedge and derivatives use, fundamental and technical analysis, and comprehensive investment and securities product knowledge.

Experience highlights include:

  • Energy trading for Portland General Electric.
  • Lead developer at Portland General Electric and EDF Renewable Energy for renewable energy projects .
  • Hedge fund specialist for Windermere Investment Associates.
  • Series 7 and Series 63 registered representative for Edward Jones selling investment products.
  • Taught fundamental economics courses for Oregon State University and corporate finance and investments for Linfield College.
  • US Army combat engineering serving overseas in Germany in the late 1980’s.

When not glued to a computer monitor or talking with a client, Joe enjoys the great outdoors and is an avid mountaineer. Joe is a climb leader with the Portland, Oregon-based Mazamas alpine club, and frequently leads climbs and teaches climber education as a volunteer.

We Believe

We believe prosperity is the result of purposeful acts to seek sustainable growth.

Ravensview Capital provides masterful investment management of portfolios crafted with the highest quality professional skills and advanced tools.

We educate, counsel and directly guide client’s and their wealth to prosperity.
We are wealth builders.

Code of Ethics

Ravensview Capital has an overarching fiduciary duty to its clients.

In order to uphold that duty and to protect client’s and their investments, Ravensview Capital has created a comprehensive set of guidelines and processes. These standards of conduct have been adopted as a Code of Ethics.

All owners/members and employees of Ravensview Capital are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics.
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Ravensview Capital is a specialty investment adviser firm that strives for high standards and aspires to exceed our client’s expectations of professionalism. We are:

Registered with FINRA as –

  • CRD#286242 = Ravensview Capital Management, LLC
  • CRD#2395994 = Joseph Eberhardt