Investment Style

Ravensview Capital provides investment advice and money management to clients desiring a more personal relationship and a better understanding of how their investments are managed.

Our goals are to provide clients with superior service and transparency, and for clients to have ownership and confidence in their investments.


Our business model is a hybrid bridging between the common adviser and the hedge fund manager to provide the best of both worlds without the drawbacks. In other words, a high level of client service, advanced methods of portfolio management, sophisticated hedging, non-traditional investments, full transparency, and lower fees. A large part of creating transparency is educating clients on investment styles and methods.
We believe an educated and engaged client will be both happier with their investments and more likely to meet their goals. Such an advantaged mind set allows clients to more easily turn their ordinary portfolio into an extraordinary one.

Our Clients

We are stewards of your capital. Protection and preservation of your capital is always foremost in our mind.

Ravensview Capital serves both large established wealth client accounts of high-net-worth individuals and accredited investors, and also client accounts of executives and professionals who are still growing their wealth. Additionally, Ravensview Capital manages client accounts for charitable organizations and foundations.

We actively seek out prospective clients that are a good match for our professional services. Often the ideal client is someone who has some experience with traditional portfolio investing in the area of stocks and bonds or mutual funds composed of these securities, but is also now looking for something more.

That “something more” is usually both a desire to get a better handle on risks, returns and fees in their portfolio, but also a desire to be more engaged in their investing.

“Something more” also often means non-traditional investments. Ravensview Capital offers non-traditional investments in a manner that creates a higher degree of comfort, confidence and personal ownership. Thereby the client is both vested and invested.

Methods Used

Ravensview Capital uses a holistic approach in developing a unique investment strategy for a client.
  • The process begins with the creation of the clients Statement of Investment Policy which is the do’s/don’ts, expectations for return, and risk tolerance that the client explicitly states and the adviser is guided by.
  • Asset allocation targets and ranges of flexibility for rebalancing the portfolio are determined along with the degree of allocation to non-traditional vs traditional investments.
  • Finally, specific alternative styles may be discussed as well as a hedging program for the portfolio.
Many methods of analysis are drawn upon to determine individual securities selections for the portfolio in a multi-pronged approach. These may include:
  • Charting analysis based on common patterns in charts representing market behavior
  • Cyclical analysis based on the current and past major economic cycles
  • Modern portfolio theory applied to achieve optimal portfolio diversification
  • Quantitative analysis and econometrics used to study past market fundamental data and prices
  • Technical analysis based on patterns in pricing and volume